Since 2020 and continuing into greater challenges through 2021, the COVID pandemic has created a multitude of issues. Raw material costs, logistics and transit times, availability and sky-rocketing freight costs in all sectors and modes of transportation has changed the business environment. Through it all, QSM Inc. has worked hard to maintain inventory levels and pricing.

Metal pricing has increased on average 50% through 2021 as freight costs more than tripled and remain fluid so that actual costs are difficult to assess on products being supplied.

We will be implementing a price increase effective January 1st, 2022. However, effective as of 12/13/2021 QSM, Inc. must put into place a freight surcharge of 4% on all orders received as of this date due to inbound freight costs. Orders received prior to 1/1/22, will be honored at 2021 pricing except for large project orders extending into 2022.

We have diligently tried to meet the vast demand of supply during this current year and have tried to absorb many of the growing costs imposed upon all of us. However, due to the continuing and growing demands placed on business due to the above-mentioned conditions, we have had to carefully consider the price increases and freight surcharges.

We appreciate all our customers continued business and will continue to monitor market conditions. If, and hopefully when, market conditions change we will review and re-evaluate removing the freight surcharges once freight rates normalize.


Although we have the utmost respect for the 3A organization, due to the substantial changes requested in 3A requirements for ball valves, we have decided to end our affiliation with 3A License # 1614.  If pursued, we would no longer be able to provide or support our ball valve products that we have supplied for the last 25 years and had previously met and surpassed 3A certifications for the last many years.

Please note that QSM literature distributed previous to Jan 2022 may display a 3A logo within the catalog.

However, QSM literature and electronic communications produced or distributed after this date will not display a 3A logo for our ball valves.

Thank you for this understanding and we guarantee the same superior products we have provided in the past.